Sim Shalom Rabbi Cantor Finds Heaven Singing in NYC Jazz Club

On Tuesday nights, after Maariv services are concluded, Sim Shalom founder Rabbi and Cantor Steven Blane, substitutes his yarmulka for a fedora and preaches music of a smooth spiritual kind. Accompanied by the jazz musician Kevin Hailey on upright bass, Blane on piano and vocals, delivers contemporary bluesy original jazz songs about love, wit and joy at the Beekman Bar and Books Club located in New York City. The duets balanced harmony comes from the soul, the lyrics echo standards with fresh modernity, and the Continue reading →

Jewish Chronicle- Jewish Denominations- On the Decline or Rise? Great Op-Ed by Rabbi Reichmann

In light of today’s arguments regarding the ordination of women in the Orthodox movement, of Israeli rabbis not recognizing American Jewish decision-making, of changing policies and perspectives regarding the LGBT community, of these and many more, is Jewish denominationalism a destructive force? Is it a unifying force? Something else? Clearly, the modern world does not want or work with a “one size fits all” approach to Judaism. This has been true for most of the 20th century if not for the whole of the Jewish diaspora. Continue reading →

Sim Shalom Finds The Beef In Religious Responsibility And Joins Meatless Monday Campaign

Sim Shalom, the online synagogue, already considered the greenest of synagogues with no commuting required, joined the international Meatless Monday campaign, its latest calling to protect G-d ‘s creation. Tikkun Olam, to repair the world, is at the core of Sim Shalom’s tenets and its Meatless Monday commitment. The goal is to cultivate an understanding of Jewish environmental responsibility and foster participation. The Meatless Monday Campaign was launched in association with Sid Lerner and the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health in 2003 as an Continue reading →

Singers Land Lifetime Role as Ordained Cantors with Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute (JSLI ) Ordination

On January 16, Jewish Spiritual Leaders” Institute (JSLI ), the online Rabbinical and Cantorial School, celebrated religious and musical fulfillment with two newly ordained Cantors at an Ordination weekend celebration of firsts in Delray Beach, Florida. The two freshly ordained Cantors, Joanna P. Lind of Chicago, and Nina Fine of Florida, bring a breadth of experience, both religious and theatrical, to the Cantorate. Cantors are sacred singers that lead the Jewish community in music, spiritual prayer and ritual services as well as illuminate the beauty Continue reading →

A Bible Belt Congregant Finds His Way Home to Judaism With Sim Shalom Conversion

On December sixth,2016 the journey of Robert Hadley’s conversion to Judaism took on profound significance as he recited the Hebrew blessing and lit his first menorah candle wearing a yarmulke and a tallit which draped over his Seth Rogen look alike Chanukah sweater. Hadley, a Sim Shalomonline synagogue congregant, converted to Jewish Universalism and has enjoyed other Jewish Holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Passover as a Jew by Choice. According to Hadley, “Choosing to convert to Judaism was a process that began after the birth Continue reading →
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