Jewish Universalism

Shalom and welcome. Under the leadership of Rabbi Steven Blane, Sim Shalom is the founding synagogue of Jewish Universalism.


Jewish Universalism (JU) is a new Jewish Movement- one that embraces the diversity of the Jewish world without judgement, conditions or requirements and asserts that all paths to the divine are equally Holy.


We are trans-denominational, meaning that all Jewish denominations can be a part of our movement.


JU was conceived to meet the needs of unaffiliated Jews and the Interfaith community. We embrace the reality of Jewish Interfaith families with no restrictions, requirements or expectations.


Unlike any other Jewish denomination, Jewish Universalists welcome everyone to fully participate in our Jewish worship and rituals.


Within Jewish Universalism, you will never be pressured to “convert.” We are here when and if you are ready. Our Jewish Conversion process is spiritual and meaningful and is comprised of online study at Sim Shalom, Rabbinical guidance, Mikvah (Ritual Immersion) and Bet Din (Rabbinical Court). Men need NOT undergo circumcision nor “Hat’fat Ha-dam Brit” (drawing of a drop of blood).


“We like to think of Jewish Universalism as a Jazz song in which the players are free to improvise their melodies based on the emotion in their hearts and the technique in their fingers or voices,” says founder Rabbi Steven Blane.


Jewish Universalism espouses SEVEN key doctrines:


    • JU honors our Jewish rituals, traditions, teachings and texts and seeks to repair the world, Tikkun Olam, through acts of loving kindness, G’milut Hasadim.
    • JU believes the Torah is divinely inspired and is Holy.
    • JU is creedal and founded on the core statement “Hear oh Israel (and Humankind), the Lord is G-d, the Lord is One.”
    • JU believes all paths to the divine are equally Holy and that one’s religion is not the sole and exclusive source of truth.
    • JU asserts that all people who follow the dictate to love your neighbor as yourself are “chosen.”
    • JU believes Judaism is a constantly evolving spiritual practice.
    • JU celebrates Interfaith Families and unconditionally welcomes all people to participate in our Jewish worship and rituals.


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