Sim Shalom Online

Sim Shalom is an Online Synagogue whose mission is to nurture a Jewish connection through innovative services, creative education and dynamic outreach to the global community.


Sim Shalom is an interactive Online Jewish Universalist Synagogue liberal in thought and traditional in liturgy. evolving and organically growing.


Sim Shalom offers weeknight (Ma'ariv) and Friday night (Kabbalat Shabbat) services. They are offered Monday-Friday live online at 7PM EST. We also offer Shabbat Morning Services twice a month at 10AM EST.


As a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, Sim Shalom relies solely on donations.

Donate today to help us continue to offer innovative services for the WORLD to view at any time.

Convert to Judaism

Sim Shalom now offers a course on Jewish Conversion. Our course is comprised of eight Online Study Modules. You may proceed at your own pace.

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