Sim Shalom Maariv Healing Services Uninterrupted All Summer Like Life and Loss

Sim Shalom, the online synagogue, will offer the world-wide community the ability to participate in honoring a yahrzeit, pray for healing, or mourn the loss of a loved one with the collective energy of a global minyan by continuing its interactive and virtual Ma’ariv Service Monday through Thursday at 7:00 pm EST.

For those mourning a loss or know someone that is ill Ma’ariv services offer a chance to pray
for healing and memorializing. Offering the service online fosters participation in Judaic rituals that otherwise might not be available. Five Rabbis, trained by the Jewish Spiritual Leaders’ Institute, will lead the services on consecutive nights, uninterrupted throughout the summer. Each service is unique and uplifting.

The Tuesday night services will be led by Rabbi Em Mueller who shares her spiritual voice from Massachusetts. Rabbi Em quotes from the Talmud, “Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers “Grow! Grow!.” Her whisper aspires to take the Sim Shalom congregant to an inward and universal journey of growth. As a writer, who studied at the Hebrew College, and later as a teacher at the University of Massachusetts, her words found deeper meaning when her path led to writing liturgy for a healing service. Rabbi Em is affiliated with the UJUC – Union of Jewish Universalists Communities and you can learn more about her at that website.

Jews mourning a loss can say the Mourner’s Kaddish. According to Jewish custom mourners are to say the Mourner’s prayer for eleven months after a death of a parent. Customarily, it is said in a brick and mortar synagogue, which makes the commitment unattainable for many. For those that would like to share the names of an ill friend or family member with the world-wide community the comforting Mishebeirach Prayer for Healing is offered. The live chat feature allows participants to include names and thoughts on behalf of those that are physically, emotionally or spiritually in need. The names can be collectively prayed for by followers around the globe.

Not only are the Ma’ariv services a chance to share a loss but also an opportunity to connect Jewishly on a daily basis. “Sing Kiddish and Say Kaddish” is the catch phrase for those accessing Sim Shalom online services.

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