Thank You SO Much For What You are Doing !!!! I live on the Southside of Atlanta nearest Synagogue is almost an Hr away Sometimes with traffic 2 Hrs … Defeats the purpose of Services when I am so tired upon arrival that I can’t even read the Prayer Book.


My wife and I attended both services. By far the best High Holidays experience I’ve ever had.

James P.

You lead us in an hour of spiritual renewal, peace and relaxation that ends a week of working stress, rushing and general hectic endeavors. Sim Shalom provides an island of peace and harmony in a sea of stress.


We get little to no Judaism here in Daegu, S. Korea associated with the US Army. It is rare to have a Rabbi visit us so as often as we can, we watch your program. It comes to us at 8AM on Saturday morning.


Dear Rabbi, Shabbat Shalom ve todah raba, it was a most beautiful service today! Loved it! Best regards.

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