Sim Shalom’s Weeknight Services Update

Last month more than 700 people joined us for Weeknight Services!!!   Kol Hakavod to my daughter Megan for organizing and leading some of the services and to all the JSLI Rabbis who have kindly contributed their tome to this worth endeavor!!!

Passover 2013

Sim Shalom’s Form To Assume Personal Responsibility for Respecting Passover   It is a Rabbinic tradition for a Jewish home to “sell” its Hametz to their rabbi who then acts as an “agent” and sells the Hametz to a non-Jew. While Jews have for centuries relied upon Gentiles to “buy” Hametz, and to act in their stead on Shabbat, these practices are not in the spirit of Jewish Universalism.   And while we respect this tradition, we prefer to encourage each person to enjoy the Continue reading →