Sim Shalom, the Online Synagogue, has been broadcasting – streaming – services for 10 years. Rabbi Steve Blane is a visionary who has always been ahead of his time.

Rabbi Steve Blane, singer/songwriter, Cantor and visionary began streaming Shabbat services 10 years ago. The services Blane offers are short, traditional in liturgy yet liberal in approach. Sim Shalom, unlike other shuls that offer online services, was developed to be broadcast directly to its participants where they are able to chat and interact like those who attend “brick and mortar” congregations. No fly on the wall watching but true engagement with Rabbi Steve and others.

Not only did Blane vision an online shul where people can pray in their pjs but he created an online Rabbinical and Cantorial program under the auspices of Sim Shalom and has ordained over 150 rabbis to date. Given the pandemic crisis the Class #18 ordination weekend, which has previously been a live event, is going online! On June 20th eight Rabbinic and 4 Cantorial candidates will join a Bet Din to receive Semicha virtually. Blane excels at technology and plans to create a holy and warm weekend event in this challenging time.

Jewish Universalism forms the backbone of Blane’s response to modern Jewry. “People need a place to attend services that is non judgmental and welcoming and has become the Jewish home to many who have no other or choose to remain unaffiliated to traditional Jewish denominations,” comments Blane. “My Rabbinical school – Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute – is training rabbis to meet the needs of those Jews today.”


Sim Shalom is an interactive online Jewish Universalist synagogue which is liberal in thought and traditional in liturgy. Created in 2009 by Rabbi Steven Blane on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Sim Shalom offers a means of connecting the unconnected. Rabbi Blane leads accessible and short Shabbat services every Friday night using a virtual interface and additionally Sim Shalom provides online education programs, Jazz concerts, conversion and life-cycle ceremonies along with weeknight services at 7:00PM EST led by Rabbis and students of this online community.

Rabbi Blane is also the founder and director of the Jewish Spiritual Leader’s Institute,, the online professional rabbinical program. He is a founding Rabbi of the Union of Jewish Universalist Communities –

Sim Shalom, a non profit 501 © (3) tax-exempt organization, nurtures a Jewish connection through its mission of innovative services, creative education and dynamic outreach to the global community. For more information visit the website or call 201-338-0165.