Passover 2013

Sim Shalom’s Form To Assume Personal Responsibility for Respecting Passover


It is a Rabbinic tradition for a Jewish home to “sell” its Hametz to their rabbi who then acts as an “agent” and sells the Hametz to a non-Jew. While Jews have for centuries relied upon Gentiles to “buy” Hametz, and to act in their stead on Shabbat, these practices are not in the spirit of Jewish Universalism.


And while we respect this tradition, we prefer to encourage each person to enjoy the gratification of fulfilling their own religious requirements.


We therefore encourage our community to personally commit to the fulfillment of our own mitzvot. Please fill out the following Personal Responsibility for Respecting Passover Form and don’t forget to click “Submit” at the end of the form.


It is a tradition to support your synagogue at the time of completing this form. Please consider making a contribution of at least $18 to support Sim Shalom. Click Here To Donate.


Chag Someach!


Hametz Form