JSLI Ordains the Future of the Rabbinate with 11th Class of Global Rabbis

On the weekend of July 9th, 2016 the online Jewish Spiritual Leaders’ Institute Rabbinical School of Sim Shalom, celebrated the ordination of 12 new Rabbis, a total of 112 strong, in Delray Beach, Florida. The school and the jubilant ordination redefines the process of Rabbinical studies to fulfill the growing need of cutting edge solutions that meet the criteria of the twenty- first century Jewish congregant.

Twelve newly ordained Rabbis joined the 100 JSLI trained Rabbis before them that serve worldwide in congregations as pulpit rabbis, pastoral counselors and Jewish teachers, all schooled to perform life cycle events. The Rabbis past, present and future continue the traditions of Jewish rituals officiating weddings, funerals, and B’nai Mitzvot, while guiding communities in innovative paths to celebrate spiritual life.

JSLI Rabbis based throughout United States, Europe, Asia and Canada have filled a void by reversing the decline in Judaic practice, creating vibrant, inclusive practices within existing congregations, independent tutorial Torah study, as well as leading the free week night Sim Shalom online Synagogue services.

Class #13 is already forming for September with candidates from Europe and North America spanning the continent and Jewish affiliations. To sustain Jewish identity a Rabbi’s role is to understand the community.Sim Shalom and JSLI were seeded by JSLI’s Dean and Founder Rabbi Steven Blane, deeply held belief that he believes expresses the pulse of the Rabbinic and congregational community: “Joy, plurality and accessibility.”

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