What is the Jewish conversion process?

Once you’ve completed our eight online courses, you will next want to visit a Mikvah and meet with the Bet Din (which is a group of Rabbis). When you’ve done this, you will be considered a part of K’lal Yisrael (the Family of Israel). You will receive a conversion certificate by mail and will from that point forward be considered Jewish.

Sim Shalom is a Jewish Universalist synagogue which means that we are completely non-judgmental. Once you’ve converted to Judaism you can choose the path which is most compatible with your life. However, those that wish to become Orthodox Jews will need to continue their studies and conduct a reconversion.

The first step in becoming Jewish is to study Judaism, and the best way to do this is through our online classes. These digital courses will allow you to study whenever you want, from wherever you want (only within the United States). They are convenient, always accessible to those that pay for them, and the only time you have to travel is when you’re ready to visit a Mikvah.

Our program has become popular with students due to its accessibility, affordability and the fact that it is completely self-directed. You will be required to attend at least four online group sessions which will be held monthly and will be administered by a facilitator. These sessions provide an ideal environment where you can ask questions and communicate with the other students. Contact us to learn more.