How much do Jewish conversion classes cost?

At Sim Shalom, you can begin your courses whenever you’re ready, and can complete them in a time frame that is most convenient for you. With us, you don’t have to worry about traveling to a physical synagogue as all the conversion classes can be completed over the web. You will also get the opportunity to correspond with your classmates during our monthly sessions.

Sim Shalom provides a total of eight digital (online) courses and each program is structured in such a manner where you can complete it at your own pace. The topics which we’ll cover in these courses include Shabbat, Kosher Law, Torah, Jewish history, Life Cycle Events and Events, Holidays and Jewish Symbols and how they are to be interpreted.

Once you’ve completed all these courses, you will be able to convert to and become an adherent of the Jewish faith. While choosing to follow Judaism doesn’t cost you anything, there are costs involving with setting up the online courses and interactive programs, and those that wish to pay for these classes will need to pay for them. These courses are informative, fascinating and fun, and will teach you everything you want to know about Judaism and its core teachings and precepts.

Each of the eight courses cost $150. This fee must be paid before you can be given access to the learning units. You will also need to purchase your books, which will cost about $75. There is also a $300 fee that must be paid for the Bet Din (Rabbi) to oversee your conversion. This makes the total fee $1500 + books.