How long does Jewish conversion take?

There is a dedicated process involved when it comes to converting to Judaism. By completing our classes, you will demonstrate that you understand the core concepts associated with this religion, such as the Torah, Shabbat, Kosher Law, Jewish Holidays, and more. This is not something that you should expect to learn overnight. However, taking our online courses offers the most convenient way to convert to Judaism as you can complete them at your own pace.

Therefore, the time in which it takes to complete our courses is largely determined by the individual. There are no time restrictions from us but for most individuals its takes about three months to complete all eight courses. For others it will be longer or sooner. Our monthly online sessions are structured in such a way where you can interact with others from around the world. Associating with other students is indispensable as it allows you to ask questions and will demonstrate that you are not alone, and are part of a larger community.

Our courses will require students to visit synagogues which have distinct denominations. The reason for this is because Rabbi Blane feels it is essential to understand the similarities and differences between them to determine how well you fit in. Mikvah is a type of ritual immersion and is a critical component of the conversion process. It will need to be conducted at a physical Mikvah in your area, or at a nearby ocean or lake. The drawing of blood (Hatafat Dam) is not a requirement.