How is Sim Shalom different from other online Jewish learning centers?

Sim Shalom provides an interactive, online Jewish synagogue which stands out from others due to our liberal philosophy. Although we adhere to classical Jewish teaching and liturgy, we are a pluralistic organization that is constantly growing and evolving. Our greatest distinction from other synagogues is our open arm policies which invite people from around the world to join us, irrespective of their race, nationality, gender or sexual orientation.

We consider ourselves to be Jewish Universalist, which means several things. First, we do not believe that God only favors a single nation above all others. We believe that God chose all the nations of the world equally to bring light into it. Another factor which makes us unique from other learning centers is that we do not adhere to the idea that a single religion is right and true while all others are wrong. In our view, God does not have a favorite child.

We believe that “Tikkun Olam” can be obtained by having an unconditional acceptance of the doctrines of others, so long as they are peaceful. We also adhere to the concept of “G’milut Chasadim,” or displays of love and kindness. Our synagogue is politically neutral but we do support Israel as the ancient land from which our ancestors came. We will continue to pay for peace there. We welcome those into our service that have open minds and hearts and who are willing to learn something new. Our liturgy is completely participatory.