All Creatures Welcomed At Sim Shalom’s Online Blessing Of The Animals

On Friday, November 4, affiliated and unaffiliated congregants from around the globe can celebrate their beloved animal companions, small and large, with an interactive blessing service assembled by Sim Shalom, the world’s only E- Synagogue.

The Blessing of the Animals fosters the loving relationship between all G–d’s creatures. To partake in the free prayer and joyous music ceremony participants can simply click on at 7:00pm EST on November 4th. For those that would like to have their pet’s name read during the blessing the chat feature will provide live interaction. For proud pet owners a pet photo can be shared at Sim Shalom’s facebook page or emailed in advance to info(at)simshalom(dot)com.

Rabbi and Cantor Steven Blane, Sim Shalom”s Founder, will lead the service accompanied by his own pair of tail-waggers. The service parallels the Torah portion Parasha Noah, Noah and the Ark, which follows the High Holidays. According to Blane, holding the blessing service at the beginning of the new year reaffirms our covenant of compassion and kindness. Parashat Noah notes “When I see my rainbow in the clouds, I will recall the covenant that exists between Me, you, and every living soul on earth.”

In reverence for putting into practice the covenant of respect for oneself, animals and mother earth, Sim Shalom is an advocate of the global Meatless Monday Campaign. The initiative promotes abstaining from meat one day a week to protect personal health and the health of the planet. To learn more about the many programs offered by the Meatless Monday campaign and easy first steps towards the well-being of the planet which helps all earth’s creatures click here.

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