A Rabbi-Cantor to Offer Song All Summer with Sim Shalom’s Global Ma’ariv Service

Sim Shalom, the online synagogue, will keep its virtual windows open for all to sing with summer weeknight Ma’ariv services. Rabbi Galit to orchestrate Thursdays at 7:00pm EST.

Rabbi-Cantor Galit Levy -Slater is one of six Sim Shalom Rabbis that will offer Ma ‘ariv weeknight services Monday thru Thursday at 7:00pm EST throughout the summer. Vacationers traveling abroad, followers enjoying the outdoors or staying cool inside closer to home, can sing and worship with the free interactive services, simply by clicking on their computer screen or mobile device, anywhere with wifi. Shabbat services will also be offered every Friday at 7:00pm EST and some Saturday mornings at 11:30 am EST. All programs offer a live chat feature.

As a Cantor for over three decades on the west coast in California, Rabbi Galit has used her voice to bring harmony to her local community. In 2012 her quest to combine her love of music, faith and Judaic studies culminated with her Rabbinical Ordination from the online Rabbinical School JSLI Jewish Spiritual Leaders Institute.

Rabbi Galit’s deep belief in pluralism and acceptance is exemplified by her affiliation with UJUC the Union of Jewish Universalist Communities, a new movement in Judaism that welcomes all tenets of religious practice from reform to orthodox with no obstacles or requirements. She expresses her world view, “As a Jewish Universalist I embrace all branches of Judaism and I welcome all people of worship, no matter what their beliefs, to find comfort joy, peace, and love. There is no one way to seek G-d. All paths are open to those who seek them.”

Staying true to her convictions Levy-Slater organized a National Day of Prayer in her local community, part of the national May observance that brings people of all faiths together to pray for the nation. She is in the process of launching Beit HaLev, House of the Heart.

The Ma’ariv services offer an opportunity for followers to find a spiritual place to connect.
Levy- Slater’s guitar and music along with her comforting prayer provide a respite all summer long.

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