Jessica Bryant

Jessica Noelle Bryant (30 November, 1995-1 August, 2016) (7 Kislev, 5755-27 Tamuz, 5776) was diagnosed at age nine with Neurfibromatosis, a genetic condition which caused her to become totally blind due to tumors pressing on the optic nerve. Though Jessica had many surgeries and was in and out of hospitals most of her life, she still managed to live a vibrant, active life, graduating from high school in 2013 and beginning, to the best of her ability, to study computer programming at her local college. Jessica was full of life, love and laughter. Though not particularly religious, she, more than anyone I’ve ever known, walked the path of the tzadik. She embodied the principle of ahavat Yisrael and shared her love with everyone she met and encouraged that they, in turn, spread the light of love to everyone they met. Though soft-spoken and reserved, Jess was always the life of the party. She did not need to speak loudly for her smile, her laughter and her jokes to be noticed. The light of G-D was in any room in which she was present. On the morning of the 25th of July, Jessica underwent intense brane surgery at Duke University, the intent of which was to combat tumors pressing on her auditory nerve, as she had been losing her hearing gradually over the last year. She never awoke after the surgery and, after suffering a major stroke in the brane stem, passed into the next world at 10:30 PM on the night of Monday, 1 August, 2016. May her memory always be a blessing and may her soul find peace in the garden of Eden and be bound up in the bond of life.