Sim Shalom Online Synagogue Broadcasts from a Little Blue Shed

Rabbi Steve Blane founded Sim Shalom as an option for those unaffiliated or disenfranchised Jews. The innovator developed Sim Shalom as a virtual synagogue. There is no physical building. Services are not videoed from a birds eye view of a congregation worshipping. Services are designed to be interactive and streamed directly to congregants. Sim Shalom has a vibrant community from around the world who watch daily.

Not only can the community attend services in their PJs viewing from the comfort of their home, RV or boat but Rabbi Steve has never missed a service even as he travels streaming from Nashville, Paris and most recently the little blue shed that is his music studio in Florida.

Like all good Jewish congregants, Sim Shalomers chat with one another during the service. Congregants can communicate through an online chat function. John from Tucson will ask Jeanette from British Columbia how she is feeling this week and similar community conversations take place throughout the service. Participants share names for Kaddish and the Misheberach prayer for the sick. Sim Shalom offers week nightly services for those in mourning to be able to say Kaddish.

Sim Shalom services can be joined by going to the website and clicking where it says go live. They are on ustream and Facebook live.
Services are also recorded for the convenience of those who need to watch later. Live online services take place each weeknight and Friday at 7:00pm EST.