What software do I need to watch the livestreams?

The livestreams at Sim Shalom can be accessed through any web browser. We also make use of Facebook to communicate with students and organize events. However, when choosing a web browser for your studies, it can helpful to know the advantages and disadvantages of each. Here are the three most popular browsers for our students:

Internet Explorer

This is one of the oldest web browsers and is automatically installed on each copy of Windows. It supports Javascript, ActiveX and RSS which means it is excellent Sim Shalom courses due to its ability to download songs, videos or software. However, IE is prone to bugs, doesn’t have built in synchronization for bookmarks, and ActiveX controls are not as secure as they should be.


Firefox is an open sourced browser. Its strongest features include a privacy mode, secure downloading, excellent navigation and a streamlined interface. Customization and add-ons is also a breeze. Firefox’s biggest disadvantage is that it is extremely resource intensive and requires a considerable amount of memory in order to operate. This can be problematic for Sim Shalom students who use older machines.

Google Chrome

Chrome is a free web browser offered by Google. Its strongest features include it’s incredibly fast performance, built in support for PDF and Flash, and dynamic tab system. Online search is simplified and its security is tight. However, its biggest weaknesses are incompatibility with some websites (Sim Shalom works fine), and graphics acceleration doesn’t work correctly with some video cards.