Sim Shalom’s Vision

Our vision is to become the principle online worship, spiritual and learning resource for the Jewish unaffiliated and the Interfaith.

  • We offer daily Online Services led by Rabbis and members of the community from around the world.
  • We offer resources for live online Jewish Learning.
  • We offer online Adult Education for groups of students.
  • We offer an online Jewish Conversion Program
  • When convene an Online Bet Din to provide Jewish Conversion to anyone no matter where they are.

One of our goals is to organize Annual Shabbatons (weekend gatherings) featuring Song, Prayer, Learning and Great Food so members of the Sim Shalom community can meet in person.


We are seeking donors and members of the community who can help us fund-raise. Contact us if you can help.


One thought on “Sim Shalom’s Vision

  • Dedicated servers

    The path which led us from those first meetings of a handful of friends to today was not always peaceful. I give my most heartfelt, honest and deepest thanks to those founding members who nursed and cared for Sim Shalom at its birth, and who subsequently, not untiringly but overcoming their fatigue again and again and rising phoenix-like with new energy and renewed vigour continue to find the way forward.

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