Sim Shalom Maariv Healing Services Uninterrupted All Summer Like Life and Loss

Sim Shalom, the online synagogue, will offer the world-wide community the ability to participate in honoring a yahrzeit, pray for healing, or mourn the loss of a loved one with the collective energy of a global minyan by continuing its interactive and virtual Ma’ariv Service Monday through Thursday at 7:00 pm EST. For those mourning a loss or know someone that is ill Ma’ariv services offer a chance to pray for healing and memorializing. Offering the service online fosters participation in Judaic rituals that otherwise Continue reading →

Nashville Rabbi Brings Country Warmth to Global Online Sim Shalom Ma’ariv Summer Services

UJUC Rabbi, Nancy Tunick, will affirm her spiritual voice to bring the world-wide community a little closer in joyous song, prayers for healing, in honoring a Yahrzeit or mourn the loss of a loved one, on Wednesday evenings at 7:00pm EST. Just a click away join her and other Sim Shalom Rabbis for summer Ma’ariv services. As one of four Sim Shalom Rabbis offering Ma ‘ariv week night services, Rabbi Nancy’s cantorial sound provides a joyful vehicle to connect congregants in beautiful Judaic rituals while Continue reading →

A Rabbi of Color Builds Bridges with Global Summer Ma’ariv Service

As a scientist, educator, and one of seven children raised in a close African American Jewish family in upstate New York, Rabbi Deborah fulfills her childhood dream to become a spiritual leader, and shepherds summer Ma’ariv Monday services for Sim Shalom the online synagogue, to refresh spirituality each week. Rabbi Deborah is one of six Sim Shalom Rabbis that offer Ma ‘ariv week night services Monday – Thursday at 7:00pm EST throughout the summer. Shabbat services are offered every Friday at 7:00pm EST and some Continue reading →

An Opera-Singer Rabbi to Conduct Operettas of a Different Type All summer with Sim Shalom’s Global Ma’ariv Service

Sim Shalom, the online synagogue, continues to create innovative programming this summer with Ma’ariv services week nights at 7:00pm EST. International performer Rabbi Judy Caplan Ginsburgh is one of six Sim Shalom Rabbis who will offer congregants a space to connect with Ma ‘ariv week night services Monday thru Thursday at 7:00pm EST throughout the summer. Vacationers traveling abroad or followers staying closer to home can rejoice simply by clicking on their computer screen or mobile device, anywhere with WiFi. Shabbat services will also be Continue reading →

A Rabbi-Cantor to Offer Song All Summer with Sim Shalom’s Global Ma’ariv Service

Sim Shalom, the online synagogue, will keep its virtual windows open for all to sing with summer weeknight Ma’ariv services. Rabbi Galit to orchestrate Thursdays at 7:00pm EST. Rabbi-Cantor Galit Levy -Slater is one of six Sim Shalom Rabbis that will offer Ma ‘ariv weeknight services Monday thru Thursday at 7:00pm EST throughout the summer. Vacationers traveling abroad, followers enjoying the outdoors or staying cool inside closer to home, can sing and worship with the free interactive services, simply by clicking on their computer screen Continue reading →

Sim Shalom e-Synagogue Offers Passover Seder Fit For Wandering Jews

(PRWEB) MARCH 28, 2017 On Tuesday April 11, Sim Shalom will host a second night Seder much the way Moses journeyed, on the go and portable, albeit with wi-fi. The second night Seder will include festive freedom songs including Dayenu and readings from the Haggadah, to retell the story of liberation. But this Seder plate, with foods that represent the hardships Jewish forebearers endured, will be passed virtually. Unlike the forty days traveled through the desert in ancient Egypt, followers can join from wherever they Continue reading →

A New Jewish Movement Emerges – Announcing the Union of Jewish Universalist Communities (UJUC)

In response to the evolving needs of Jews, a new paradigm for worship comes forth. The Union of Jewish Universalist Communities (UJUC) is a new Jewish movement- one that embraces the diversity of the Jewish world without judgment, conditions or requirements and asserts that all paths to the divine are equally holy. The Union of Jewish Universalist Communities ( is an organization that provides resources and connection to Jewish Universalist communities. These communities are trans-denominational, meaning that all Jewish denominations can be a part of Continue reading →

Sim Shalom Online Synagogue Serves Up A Plethora of Purim Tastes, Virtually,

Beginning Monday March 6th, Sim Shalom Online Synagogue will offer a week of flavorful festivities from sunny Florida, served on Facebook live to the global community. The offerings will include the pursuit of the most scrumptious hamantashen, joyful music and a Purim Shabbat complete with groggers. The hamantashen contest will be judged for creativity and fruitfulness, in a region where discerning critics from bubbes to grandchildren hold the pastries in high regard. Purim celebrates the Jewish victory over the plot to annihilate Jews by a Continue reading →

Sim Shalom and JU-tv Plant Seeds of Wisdom of Environmental Sustainability on TuBishvat,

The week beginning February 6, Sim Shalom Online Synagogue and JU-tV will offer Tu BiShvat celebrations planting the seeds of Tikkun Olam to repair the world and preserve the planet. The offerings will intertwine spiritual and environmental rebirth and sustainability. Celebrations, which will be offered all week with live streams on Facebook, will culminate on Friday, February 10th with a Tu Bishvat Seder at 7:00pm. Followers around the globe can partake in the free interactive events simply by clicking on Sim Shalom’s Facebook page and Continue reading →
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