Life Events

In the Jewish faith, there are unique traditions and practices that are observed when it comes to life events such as weddings and funerals. At Sim Shalom, we understand that it may be your first time getting to know about the Jewish life. Here’s a section about the Jewish customs that surround different life events that you can get to know.


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Looking for information on Nissuin? There are exclusive features in a Jewish wedding that you cannot find elsewhere. Learn about three key elements (the Ketubah, the shattering of glass, and the wedding canopy) that make Jewish uniquely different from non-Jewish weddings.

Pregnancy & Birth Ceremonies

Certain Jewish traditions related to pregnancy and birth ceremonies have been observed since ancient times. You can learn more about the different practices that come into play for pregnancy and birth ceremonies for Traditional and Liberal Jews.

Bar & Bat Mitzvah

The Bar and Bat Mitzvah are both important coming-of-age ceremonies for Jewish boys and girls. Find out why they exist and the role they play in the Jewish faith, as well as how these ceremonies are being celebrated today.

Death & Funerals

Just like other major religions, death marks an important event in our lives and a variety of Jewish practices have to be observed during the funeral process. Even though Jewish funerals are not known to be elaborate, there are still different Jewish rituals that need to be carried out.